TENS Machines

  • Smart TENS - EMS


    Price € 59.95 ex vat

    TENS is a therapeutic technique mainly used for analgesic purposes in physiotherapy. Suitable for a wide variety of pain therapies: acute t......

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  • MIO-CARE TENS - 2 channels

    Price € 99.95 ex vat

    MIO-CARE TENS - 20 medical programmes, 300 applications - 2 independent channels stimulator - compensated biphasic square wave: avoids hazardous thermic effect of polarization - easy to use, digital keyboard - remaining therapy time and programmes instruction ....

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  • MIO-IONOTENS - 2 channels

    Price € 169.95 ex vat

    This New 2 channel stimulator for the customers who need an easy to use device with high output power and a complete list of TENS programmes, rehabilitation programmes ....

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1. Where should you not put a TENS unit?

1.Open wounds or rashes.
2.Swollen, red, infected, or inflamed skin.
3.Cancerous lesions, or close to them.
4.Skin that does not have normal sensation (feeling)
5.Any part of your head or face.
6.Any part of your throat.
7.Both sides of the chest or trunk at the same time.
8.Directly on your backbone.

2. Can you use a TENS unit everyday?

The short answer is, as often as you need to. TENS is designed to provide immediate relief from pain of many different kinds. The portability of machines like the TENS is designed that way so that the therapy can be taken on the go and used throughout the day.

3. How do I make my TENS unit pads sticky again?

Just a gentle swipe with the damp cloth will do. After your pads are clean, you can take an additional step towards making your TENS unit pads sticky again and brush them lightly with a toothbrush. This step helps to expose more sticky surface area so that the electrode pads will adhere more efficiently.

4. Can a TENS unit build muscle?

Since it does not cause a full muscle contraction, TENS can't be used to build muscle. However, the therapy is useful in treating pain, relieving muscle knots and in a therapeutic capacity can help improve athletic training sessions.

5. How does TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) work?

Electrode pads are placed precisely on or near the pain area. Pulses are sent from the TENS unit, through the pads to the skin. The pulses then travel along the nerve fibers, suppressing pain signals to the brain. TENS can also encourage the body to produce higher levels of Endorphins and Encephalins - the bodies natural pain killing chemicals.

6. How long does TENS pain relief last?

Some benefit for the entire day. Others need to repeat the treatment.

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