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Myneb Professional Nebuliser

     Nebuliser Accessories Included,
     Suitable For Adults and Children

Nebuliser AccessoriesNebuliser Accessories
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Nebuliser with Accessories
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Adult and Child Nebuliser Mask
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Comes with Nebuliser Bag

Nebuliser For Adults And Children

Mistral Nebuliser € 59.95 ( In Stock )

Compact nebuliser for home use. Suitable For Asthma COPD and other Respiratory illness, Nebuliser comes with both Adult and Child Accessories, This Nebuliser Can Penetrate Deep into the Lungs to Provide Relief.
Duty cycle: 20 min on / 40 min off Supplied with Hi Flo bulb, adult and child mask with string, mouthpiece, nosepiece, air tubing and air filter.

Technical Specifications
• Operating voltage:
- 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 170 VA
- 110 V or 60Hz on request
• Operating pressure: 1.1 bar
• Air flow: 14 l/min
• Nebulization rate: 0.35 ml/min
• Particle size: < 5 µm
• Max Pressure: 2.5 bar
• Size 13 x 8.9 x 14.6 cm
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Noise level (EN 13544-1): 60 db
• Class of risk: IIa
• Norms: Class II, Type B

Standard accessories
• Adult facemask
• Child facemask
• Nasal prong
• Mouthpiece
• Connection tube
• Carrying bag
• User manual

Nebuliser.ie ( Mabtech ) is an Irish company based in Ireland for the last 15 years. Our After sales service supports all of our products with an on hand supply of spares and accessories. Below you will find a list of questions that we are frequently asked. If you need more help, you can call or text to 087 1230105 and we will be happy to deal with your query.

How Does a Nebuliser Work ?
This nebuliser uses compressed air to break up saline and respiratory medications into small aerosol droplets that are inhaled through the adult or child mask,or the mouthpiece of the device.
Who Uses Nebulisers ?
They are used by a wide variety of people, parents use saline for children to break up mucus on their chest. They are used regularly for people with asthma to control asthma attacks. In people suffering from COPD, they are used to deliver a class of medication known as a broncho-dilator, to open up the bronchioles at the base of the lungs and allow the person to breathe in oxygen more easily and also release a build up of carbon dioxide.
Does the Nebuliser Come With a Mask ?
Yes, all of our nebulisers come with both adult and child masks, medication chamber, mouthpiece, nasal prong and connection tube. This nebuliser also comes with a handy carrying bag.
What about the Medication ?
Saline solution is generally available over the counter, but stronger medication such as broncho-dilators need to be prescribed.

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