Respitrain Respiratory Exercise Device

Respitrain € 14.95 ex vat

Innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration. This device is composed of a base and of a central part divided into three chambers containing three small spheres
different in size and colour. By means of inspiration the three spheres rise proportionately to the inspiration exerted. The ability to see the movement of the spheres allows to quantify the effort that has been made and to establish the efficiency of the exercise prescribed by the physician. The device can be taken to pieces to facilitate cleaning.

What Will It Do for Me? As we stated above, a breath exerciser can be a great supplementary tool for achieving your optimal lung capacity. Although the work may be difficult at first, if combined with a regimented diet and general exercise plan (think walking up the street once a day) it’s possible to reclaim some lost ground on your daily quality of life.

So, what is a Breath Exerciser? Simply put, a breath exerciser is a respiratory device used to help patients improve their lung function. For example, an incentive spirometer is a device of this sort, used to help patients who are recovering from recent surgery keep their lungs active. However, incentive spirometers can also be used by those with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD, PF and emphysema.

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